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RTP: Audio and Video for the Internet book

RTP: Audio and Video for the Internet book

RTP: Audio and Video for the Internet by Colin Perkins

RTP: Audio and Video for the Internet

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RTP: Audio and Video for the Internet Colin Perkins ebook
Format: chm
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional
ISBN: 0672322498, 9780672322495
Page: 432

Note: The parameter names are effectively guaranteed to be unique, since the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) [10] maintains a registry of SDP parameters (see ). Phil Kerr of will be in charge of the development of the specifications, including the creation of reference implementations and working with the Internet Engineering Task Force and other stakeholders. 1 The ITU-T is similar to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) in that it provides documentation of implementing each of the protocols used in H.323. RTP is widely used by web applications like Real Network's RealPlayer, Apple's QuickTime and Microsoft's NetMeeting. The "rtp_port_range" value is the range of UDP ports that Ekiga will use for RTP (audio and video communication channels). Some of the common applications of RTP are audio and video streaming media services and video conferences. Ekiga needs to be restarted for the new values to take effect. The Real Time Protocol (RTP) provides end-to-end network transport functions for audio and video over multicast or unicast network. Note: This specification has been retracted in favor of XEP-0167, which now consolidates both audio and video chat via RTP and therefore contains the content originally published in this specification; please refer to XEP-0167 for the most up-to- date . 2.1.5 REAL TIME PROTOCOL (RTP). GNU ccRTP is a GNU Common C++ based high performance RTP stack. RTP is the Internet-standard protocol for the transport of real-time data, including audio and video. Looking forward, we feel that combining our own streaming server Flumotion with RTP-enabled Vorbis and Theora will be an unbeatable combination for a very wide range of streaming audio and video content providers. Below is what an RTP packet contains: MAC Header.

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